Slick Roadway Safety

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By Sam Kantrow on February 29, 2012, 12:00am Last modified: January 16, 2013, 1:54pm

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Next time you hear someone tell you to watch out for black ice, tell them it’s not black. Let them know it’s actually transparent. As a matter of fact, the reason it’s called black ice is because you can see the “black” pavement through it. You probably drive by black ice numerous times during the winter and mistake it for water on the road. Half the time you see it, it’s already to late, right? Wet roads and roads covered in black ice look identical. Did you know bridges and overpasses freeze much quicker then roads? It’s because cold air can sweep under the bridge and cool it much quicker. Not only is the surface being cooled from above but below as well. Interestingly enough, a statistic from Sweden actually showed that your risk of an accident increases by 500% if there’s black ice on the road. The scariest thing about this stuff is it could actually form when temperatures are above the freezing mark! So even if your car thermometer says 35 degrees, you’re not off the hook just yet. Next time you’re out driving while temps are near or below freezing, keep an eye out for that slippery stuff. Chances are if the road looks wet and it’s near 32 degrees, you’re probably going to encounter black ice.

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