It's 60 Degrees. Sweater Or Shirts Off?

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By Steve MacLaughlin on April 30, 2013, 9:40pm Last modified: May 1, 2013, 9:00am

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Imagine two days that are completely identical in every way. Let's say 60 degrees. No wind or humidity. Bright sunshine. The only difference is that one of these two days is in late October and one is in early April.

I remember my freshman year of college we were all out on the fields playing football and it was October and about 60 degrees. A gorgeous fall day. Perfect for college in the Northeast. After a long summer and a mild September, I remember thinking 60 was so brisk and even cold. We all dressed in layers. I know I had pants and a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt on top of that. I even remember a couple guys had winter hats.

About six months later we had an April day almost identical. I was a meteorology student so I am naturally infatuated and obsessed with stats. I checked the numbers and the day in April was literally identical. Same temperature, sky, wind, humidity. It was the exact same day except now, we were coming off a long, dark winter instead of the warm season. I remember vividly we were on those same fields, playing softball this time. You know college kids...they take their clothes off as often as possible. Well - On this 60 degree day, most of us were playing softball with our shirts off. 60 degrees was so warm that we felt the need to shed it all and strip down. No hats. No gloves. No long pants. And it felt good. We weren't chilly. We were basking in the heat.

The point is this...that 60 degree day in October was an autumn chill while that same 60 degree day in April was a spring thaw. Crazy how our bodies can adapt to anything and pretty much only remember what happened last. Everything is relative in the weather world, even hot and cold...just depends on what it was the day before.

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