April 2012-Oh Man...More Cold Weather?

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By Gil Simmons on March 29, 2012, 5:00am

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I have been watching the ECMWF trending colder and colder for 5 to 7April, 2012. The map above shows impressive cold air at 5,000ft above Connecticut and New England. Temperatures from -5°C to -9°C are progged over our state. This would translate to 39° to 44° daily and lows in the 20s. Typical temperatures for this time are around 55° for highs and middle to upper 30s for lows.

There are indications of a very deep trof at 500mb right down to low pressure at the surface. I will not expand on the precipitation chance...but it is there.

Of course...as I always like to remind you...I am writing this 9 days in advance (3-28-12) so let's see how this plays out. The NAO has also been hinting at pressing the pause button on Spring temperatures.

The only people happy about this...can you guess? Maybe the folks running oil businesses......they didn't have much demand when the Winter of 2011-2012!

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