How Common is April Snow?

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By Quincy Vagell on March 29, 2012, 9:28am

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So, you may be wondering, just how common is snow in the spring? Well, March is typically a snowy month, but once you get into April, snowfall averages decrease.

Average March Snowfall:
Bridgeport, CT - 0.9 inches
Danbury, CT - 1.6 inches
Bradley Airport - 1.9 inches

But what does that mean? Just because CT averages snow in April, does not mean that it snows every April.

Chance of Snow in April:
Bridgeport, CT - 25% (16 out of 63 years)
Bradley Airport - 53% (57 out of 108 years)

Basically, you could say the shoreline would expect snow in April once every four years, while inland sections would be closer to every other year. It's those rare years that see heavy snow in April that seem to inflate the averages.

Top Daily Snowfalls in April for Bradley Airport:
14.1" on April 6th, 1982
11.4" on April 1st, 1997
6.8" on April 2nd, 1924
6.0" on 4/3/1915, 4/9/1907 and 4/10/1996 

Top Daily Snowfalls in April for Bridgeport:
6.0" on April 6th, 1982
4.7" on April 10th, 1996
4.0" on April 1st, 1997
3.7" on April 14th, 1950

As you can see, all of the heavy snowfalls here fell during the first two weeks of April. So, if you are hoping for more snow, hope that it comes soon. Once we get into late April and beyond, snow is very uncommon in these parts.

What about the latest snows on record? Well, Bridgeport has never recorded more than a trace of snow in May and Bradley Airport has only seen that once: 1.3" on May 9th, 1977

What would be equivalent to the October snow from 2011?
Statistically, the 12.3" snowfall from October 30th, 2011 at Bradley airport would be equivalent to 12.3" falling on April 29th!
For Bridgeport, 4.0" from last October 30th matches up with 4.0" on April 30th!

Should we expect snow this April?
Given the way this winter has gone, it would seem like an easy answer. Not so fast. We have seen wild swings in weather over the past 12 to 15 months and in fact, the weather pattern may be shifting more wintry. Although it will likely be too little too late for snow-lovers, but don't be surprised to see more snow flakes, along with a chill in the air. Finally, recall 2003...that April started off unseasonably chilly as parts of northern Connecticut saw several periods of light snow, sleet and freezing rain throughout the first month of April.

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