Spiders- Can they predict the weather??

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By Maria Brancaccio on April 2, 2012, 12:41pm

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After a bit more research, I now believe this is a picture of a possible Orb Weaver Spider at the front of my house in the summer of 2011. As you can see it was pretty big. There was one at the front door and one at the side door and now I think I had a third - the funnel web spider hiding in my wind chime decoration, there was a funnel web inside the wind chime. The spider in the picture is most likely a female. She’s rebuilding her web which was a nightly thing. Her daily actions were most likely a prediction of the weather. Now I wish I would have paid more attention to what she was doing and what type of weather followed. It is said that if the spider builds its web higher than usual or smaller than usual that rain is on the way. If the web is over spun then windy weather is on the way. I think they also have the ability to sense pressure changes in the air which would make sense, because how else would they know rain or windy conditions were on the way? It’s not like they can say “Hey Joey did you check out the radar on WXedge.com?” “There’s a huge storm coming, better beef up that web” So they must be able to predict what the weather will be for their own survival. There are pictures of spiders by the thousands in trees after a flood, so they obviously know something is on the way. Since they only live one season I’m hoping another Orb Weaver Spider takes up residence at the front of the house so I can start researching whether I see changes in their behavior in correlation to the weather. I can compare the changes in the spider’s actions to the weather radar and see what adjustments or changes she makes to her web. Since the winter has been warmer than usual I’m not sure if I will start seeing the spiders sooner than mid-summer. I keep checking the front of the house just in case – nothing yet.

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