Waterbury Warehouse Fire On Radar?

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By Gil Simmons on April 7, 2012, 10:09pm

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I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this cool image with you!

The large vacant warehouse fire in Waterbury that broke out around 5:30PM 4-7-12 actually showed up on local radar imagery. Well...not the actual fire, but the smoke was visible on this imagery.

Please refer to the image above.

This is a radar image captured just before 8PM Saturday evening as the fire continues to burn. The narrow line showing up between the two white arrows is the plume of smoke detected by radar energy from the weather service radar dome on Long Island, New York.

The blue arrow indicates the predominant wind direction in the lower 2,000 feet of the atmosphere over Connecticut. The wind carried this smoke plume all the way out over Long Island Sound...a good 30 miles to the SSE! Surface winds at KOXC were gusting to near 30mph during the early evening.

Just a quick example of how radar imagery can identify more than just precipitation. I will keep my eyes open in the future to post other examples such as birds and the sunrise which can both show up on sensitive radar imagery. 


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