Northford Brush Fire

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By Nick DiGiovanni on April 10, 2012, 5:10pm

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I took a drive by up to Long Meadow Road in North Haven as soon as I heard of the news. There I met a WTNH Reporter who told me there was a better view in Northford on Parsonage Hill Road. One thing I want to get clear is that this fire happened right on the town line. There service road came in from North Haven, but the actual fire was on Northford grounds. My father and I took a drive up on Parsonage Hill, holding our breaths from all the smoke that was in the air. We got to the crest of Parsonage Hill at an elevation of 330 feet (great view from up high) to snap some pics. Stan, a resident on the street was nice enough to lets us stand on his property. I noticed because of the increased elevation, there was a constant westerly wind around 15-20 mph pushing smoke towards his house. The fire took place in a valley that dropped about 100 feet on both sides between the town lines. No houses were in the line of fire. 

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