Have You Found Your Pot of Gold?

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By Missy Saila on April 13, 2012, 1:06pm

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I'm sure you've heard the expression "Rainbow Butt".

You haven't? Then you probably never worked in a Call Center and no, it's not what you think! (Or, maybe it is!) If you aren't familiar with the term, you will be when you finish this article.

How many of you saw the Double Rainbow yesterday? I heard all about them from friends on the phone, reports on the news, pics on facebook... So what do I do? I go from window to window hoping to see my own with Coco following behind meowing excitedly.  (I didn't go outside to look because, well, I was still in my pj's - yeah one of those kind of day, you’ve had one or two, don’t you dare say you haven’t! lol)

What do you know about Rainbows?

For one thing, the sun will always be behind you when you are facing a Rainbow. That's why you rarely see a Rainbow at noon.

Rainbows can be found whenever drops of water are illuminated by the sun. Not only when it rains (I always called them Sun Showers) but have you ever noticed that when you are washing your car, running through a sprinkler or even the spray from the ocean that can also cause a Rainbow. Nothing is as brilliant as a huge Double Rainbow in the sky though. (Yes, like the one I missed out on yesterday... )

Think about how the light ray is bent (refracted) when it enters a drop of water, then how it is reflected by the internal, curved, mirror-like surface of the drop, and finally how it is refracted as it exits that same drop. Now comes the fun part...  apply those results for the single drop of water (whether it be from a rain cloud, your hose or even sea spray) to a whole collection of drops... voilà! A Rainbow!

A Double Rainbow is caused by that same ray of light being reflected twice causing a secondary rainbow to show up inside of the primary rainbow. It is possible for the light to be reflected even more, but I have never seen anything more than a Double Rainbow.

We don't see the whole thing because the Earth gets in the way, that's why those elusive Pots of Gold at the ends can never be found, there really aren’t any actual ends.

Here are 2 cool things to try:

View a water drop on a leaf; get close, about an inch from your eye. If you look at just the right angle you may catch a nice l'il bit of color! (Don’t sneeze or you’ll have the wrong kind of water drops hehee)

Take your hose and spray it lightly at different angles on a sunny day and see what you see! (You may as well wash your car while you’re at it or spray whoever is out there with you... lol)

Finally as promised, here is the explanation and origin of that phrase: "Oh, she's got rainbows flying out her butt..." followed by a round of giggles... that was actually quite a compliment. It meant that person (usually Suzicle) was dealing with a very irate caller and handling it extremely well.

Yea, Suzicle was the Cubicle Queen of Rainbow Buttland. (Aren't you just so glad that you know this now? hehee) 

So, thanks for stopping by my little spot in cyberspace, as usual, it was a pleasure!

What are you waiting for… get outside, grab a hose and enjoy the sunshine!

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