Arbor Day Today? Not So Fast!

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By Sam Kantrow on April 27, 2012, 10:55am

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Today is Arbor Day!  It's a national fact, it's an international holiday.  I feel as though we should be allowed to take this important day off, but what do I know!  So where did this holiday come from?

Well Arbor Day (from the latin word meaning tree) is a holiday that encourages people to plant and care for our earths trees.  It actually started in Nebraska over 100 years ago in 1872, and even on the first day, an estimated one million trees were planted.  Over 36 countries observe Arbor Day in one way or another, although the date it's observed varies depending on the growing season for that country.  It was actually globalized by a Connecticut native named Birdsey Northrop, and with a name like Birdsey, can you blame him for being a nature lover?  He started it up when traveling to Japan back in 1883 and delivered a message about Arbor Day.  Birdsey was appointed as the chairperson for the American Forestry Association, and campaigned for Arbor Day across the country, as well as in Canada, Europe, and even Australia.   Now, the holiday is celebrated on the last Friday of April nationwide.

But before you plant your trees outside, you might want to check out Gil's Forecast.  Note that he mentions low temperatures getting below freezing tonight.  In fact, there's a freeze warning for most of the state.  Check out that info HERE.  It certainly isn't the best day to try and plant something!  I'd wait until Monday to try and plant, otherwise you might be seeing mulch sticking out of the ground by May!

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