Forecasting Devastating Tornadoes-April 27th 2011Outbreak

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By Gil Simmons on April 27, 2012, 11:41am

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April 27th 2011 is a day that will never be forgotten across the deep south and in the world of Meteorology. An outbreak of deadly and devastating tornadoes roared through the National Weather Service Huntsville area. 39 tornadoes were counted and this is part of one of the biggest outbreaks in our nation's history.

This video is a showcase of what meteorologists were dealing with prior to and during this terrible event. I dread the day I will have to cover a deadly tornado here in Connecticut. The hard work and emotional toll comes through in this video and I wanted to pass it along to you. 

Thank you to the NWS Huntsville Office for taking time to share this so the rest of us can try to understand and learn. 

My thoughts and prayers with all of those impacted by the weather events on that terrible day one year ago. -Gil

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