Forecasting Temps for North Haven's Neighborhoods

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By Nick DiGiovanni on May 4, 2012, 10:54am

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North Haven- is a small town, just north of New Haven but just south of Wallingford- which means weather conditions can vary a lot during the winter and summer for temperatures. So here are the neighborhoods:

The Grove: 1 mile East of North Haven Center (elevation: 60')

Clintonville: 2 miles East-North-East of North Haven Center (elevation: 140')

Wharton Brook: 4 miles North of North Haven Center, borders Wallingford Town Line (2 miles South of Wallingford Center) (elevation: 75')

Montowese: 2 miles South-South-East of North Haven Center, large area of Town (elevation: 80')

Sugar Hill: 5 miles South-East of North Haven Center, borders East Haven/Foxon (elevation: 290')

Ridge Road: 3 miles West-South-West of North Haven Center, bulges into Hamden (elevation: 55')

Green Acres: 2 miles West-North-West of North Haven Center (elevation: 220')

Quinnipiac: 4 miles North-North-West of North Haven Center (elevation: 40' ~valley)

Fair Grounds: 2 miles North-North-East of North Haven Center (elevation: 60')

... So here is my point of writing this article. I find that the weather forecast for North Haven tend to be inaccurate. We are usually colder at night and warmer in the day than what it says. So when getting weather forecast for any town that is one town inland, North Haven for example: I would say the lower part of town: Montowese, Sugar Hill, and Ridge Road go by North Haven. But, Clintonville, Green Acres, Fair Grounds, Wharton Brook, and Quinnipiac go by Wallingford's Forecast. It is much more reliable temperature wise. 


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