Spring Weather Can Be Deceptive!

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By Greg Horan on May 9, 2012, 1:05pm

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During the last few days the temperatures were in the 60s here at my station in Hamden. This would appear to be the perfect Spring weather to be out and about right? However there are many different situations that make Spring weather difficult to determine just how to dress for the day!

First, the sun angle is quite high in the Spring which can give a false impression that a temperature of 60 feels much warmer than it actually is. If it was back a few months ago and the sun angle was lower, that temperature would feel more like 60! Also if you were step into a shady location you will feel colder!

Next, temperatures can change quickly and leave you unprepared. For instance the other day with the sun out and the temperature ”feeling” warm, I decided to head to the park and read a book. It was mid-afternoon as I sat down on a park bench and suddenly the sky became more cloudy and the winds picked-up, and all of sudden the temperature dropped is it was too chilly to be sitting still.  One of the reasons this happens in the Spring along the shoreline is that water temperatures remain cold so if the wind direction switches suddenly the temperature can drop!

Finally, in the Spring, the air is often quite dry with low dew points. With this dry air in place along with a clear sky and light winds once the sun sets the mild temperatures of the day will drop quickly. This is know as radiational cooling! Temperatures can lower over ten degrees based on my records in few hours once it gets dark out! I have seen many people walking around in the evenings that look like they are chilly because they didn’t expect the quick drop in temperatures!

So with all these different unique situations that can occur in the Spring, your best bet is to remember to carry along an extra layer such as light jacket or sweater. Chances are you will need it at some point as the day progresses!

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