Fall "Foliage Rides" right here in Connecticut.

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By Mark DiGrazio on September 18, 2012, 12:24am

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According to the song, Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year.But not in my opinion, although it is a very pretty time of the year, Autumn is the most visually stunning 3 months. Atleast we always hope it is. It really depends on how much rain we get, the temperature etc. There really is nothing like going to an orchard or farm in the fall to go apple picking or to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween and looking around and seeing what looks like dozen's of shades of reds,oranges and yellow. Alot of people take "foliage rides" up to northern New England,but we have plenty of nice highways,or routes and back roads around Connecticut to check out. Especially this year as the economy is affecting everyone's wallet, you dont have to spend all that gas money to drive hundreds of miles when we have some of the most beautiful sights right here in our own back yard. Start out by driving up and down the Merrit Parkway. Its a little bit of a faster ride because it is a high way, but it is surrounded on both sides by trees that will be sure to pop with color. If your looking for a slower pace drive and with a little bit of an adult twist, try the Connecticut Wine Trail. Stopping at each vineyard to try out one of Connecticuts finest vino's.But keep in mind not to over do it, if your the driver. If its a family drive you want to take, head towards one of the many Orchards in the area. Like Lymans Orchard in Middlefield, or Bishops in Guilford, and Hindinger Farms in Hamden,just to name a few. While there get yourself some locally grown fruits and vegetables. The kids will love to pick out a pumpkin to carve for a Jack-O-Lantern and see and feed some farm animals. It is definitley a great way to spend a day that is affordable and relaxing. You will feel like you are hundreds of miles away but just a few miles from home. If your like me and enjoy photography and want to capture this time of year then the slower back roads are what your going to want. It will give you a chance to pull off to the side of the road and snap some photos. No matter which way you choose to go, you cant go wrong.Take some time to enjoy this time of the year, because coming up is winter, those special months with snow,sleet,hail,shoveling,plowing and all the trees are bare! Enjoy your fall folks! I know I will.

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