Tracking Weather Like A Pro…With Your Phone?

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By Zachary Duhaime on October 6, 2012, 10:12am

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Believe it or not, you can! There are dozens of weather apps for your smart phones. Some better than others and some that will cost you some money but they are all worth it. After waiting so long, I finally bought the iPhone 5 the main reason why is to be able to track all types of weather on the go. From extended forecasts to live radar, it’s all possible just by downloading some of these apps. The list below will list from the very best (most expensive) weather apps to the more general ones.

1. RadarScope: This app is just unbelievable. Not only does it have several different radar capabilities like tornado tracker, different velocities and minute to minute updates, it also shows LIVE weather radars scanning the area which is just amazing. The only drawback is it runs at $10 but if you a weather geek it’s all worth it.

2. MyRadar Pro: This app, while is not as good as Radarscope, it still will provide you with accurate locations of where precipitation may be fall and heading. The best part is this one will only cost you $2.

3. The Weather Channel: This app is linked to your location and will tell you all the basics about your location including a 10-day forecast for you area. This app is FREE!

4. AccuWeather: The same ass the website’s forecast just on your phone, also uses your location to give weather updates such as temps, radars and a 15-day forecast. FREE as well!

5. WeatherBug: While this weather app is pretty basic, it’s good for a lot of things because unlike most of the other apps, this shows you the dew point, rainfall rates and daily, monthly and yearly rain fall amounts for your location. This app is also FREE!

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