Lessons I've Learned From Sandy

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By Scott Cimini on November 2, 2012, 3:58pm Last modified: November 5, 2012, 10:36am

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At the time I’m writing this article, 65,000 United Illuminating customers and 163,000 CL&P customers are without power in Connecticut due to super storm Sandy.  The utility companies have been working around the clock to restore electricity as quickly as possible and I thank them for their hard work.  After the slow recovery from last year’s tropical storm Irene, both utility companies were better prepared for this storm and it shows. 

I was one of the lucky ones who never lost power but I know many who did and many who still don’t have any electricity.  During Irene, I was without power for over 10 days!  There is now a possibility of a Nor’easter hitting the northeast mid next week which would be awful for areas hardest hit by super storm Sandy.  Let’s hope this doesn’t end up materializing. 

Over the past few days while socializing on Twitter and Facebook, I saw some great stories and some downright sickening ones.  Some of the great stories include tales of heroism and selflessness where people risked their lives to save others.  One picture I saw was a sign that someone put on their front lawn in Hoboken, NJ that read “We have power! Please feel free to charge your phone”.  Sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring out the best in people.

Other stories I’ve read had to do with people dressing up as utility workers to access evacuated homes so they can loot it of its valuables.  Also I saw the Mayor of New York City politicize this by not only endorsing the president for another term but also turning this into a debate on global warming.  I’m all for the debate but don’t you think it’s a little premature to start discussing this when people are still being found dead in your city sir! 

I watched a press conference a couple of days prior to Sandy’s landfall where Bloomberg dismissed reports that the city could experience tropical storm to hurricane force winds and he downplayed the danger.  I was astonished by this!  Maybe he was trying to prevent 5 million people from panicking but it sure didn’t seem that way.   

Here are some of my observations of lessons learned from Sandy.

  1.  People often lose sight at how lucky they are to be alive and instead complain about not having electricity for a few days.
  2. It takes a tragedy to bring out the good nature in some people
  3. There was a staggering amount of people who didn’t take this storm seriously and ended up being trapped in their homes
  4. You only hear about Meteorologists when they get a forecast wrong and nothing when they get it right.  They got it right this time so a huge thanks to them for keeping us informed!

I’m sure there are more important or profound lessons to be learned from Sandy but these are what came to me before writing this article.

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