Update on the Potential Nor'Easter

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By Sam Kantrow on November 4, 2012, 8:15am Last modified: November 5, 2012, 6:49am

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Check out the video above where I spend some time explaining the potential for a Nor'Easter starting on Wednesday.  The likelihood of this storm happening is increasing every time a new forecast model comes out, and it looks like the impacts to Connecticut could be pretty large.  It's all about the track at this point!

If the storm moves out to sea, we won't be affected much by the storm.  If the center of the storm tracks to our east, say around Cape Cod, we'll likely get relatively high winds, some rain, but cooler air will mix in.  That will increase the chance for snowfall for people living in the higher elevation locations.

If the storm tracks to our west, it will unfortunately cause some of the effects that we saw with Sandy.  Highest winds, and coastal flooding will be the concern if this track ends up being the case.  Unfortunately, downed trees and more power outage would be associated with this track!  Now I don't want you to be alarmed or evacuate your house, but it's never a bad idea to winterize your power outage/first aid kits!  After all, winter is right around the corner anyway. 

We'll keep a close eye on this storm as the days progress. Let's hope the forecast models trend this one out to sea, and we can get a well deserved break from the severe weather!

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