November 7-8 2012 Nor’easter Pictures

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By Stephen Gode on November 7, 2014, 12:00pm Last modified: November 10, 2014, 9:58am

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I am very sorry to everyone for my inaccurate forecast. Though, I think this storm surprised every meteorologist. I noticed the potential Wednesday morning, but still I was not really convinced. I noticed how cold the soundings were over Long Island at the start of the storm and was a bit scared for Connecticut. Evaporative cooling and persistent convergent banding over and near the Naugatuck Valley (Danbury to Meriden to New Haven and in between) setup the jackpot for accumulations in Connecticut for a record breaking event (even for surrounding areas). Frontogenetical forcing produced these mesoscale snow bands converging into a general persistent (surprisingly, models were calling for bands that weaken and not too persistent over time) snow band through Connecticut. I was really surprised how cold the temperatures became; under the most persistent bands, there were temperatures in the upper 20’s. Fortunately, it wasn't too wet of a snow that it turned to in those areas, but then it setup for near white-out conditions at times, and blowing and drifting snows. The models were not that good handling the amount of cold air and precipitation. Most models are generally for synoptic scale features to handle the track of the storm not too terribly, but always tough to accurately predict were the heavy bands of snow setup.             

The storm reminded me a bit like the October 2011 snowstorm, because it was another wet snow marginal event for another forecast blunder. Well, it is always a learning experience and with hope this mistake would never happen again (at least hopefully not to bad of a forecast). This storm was one of the most confusing storms to forecast, though. I had very little idea what will happen for snowfall amounts from the variety of possibilities before the storm hit by looking at different models. When, I was at the station on Tuesday, I was joking to Quincy about that we will probably receive about 20 inches. And also, it will be like the October 2011 snowstorm all over again. I would have been closer with that forecast than my original!

Personally, my worst driving experience coming home from WCSU on Wednesday (I usually try not to drive in the snow, because my vehicle has a tough time handling snow and even rain at times). I left the school almost 3 pm and it was too late. I didn't arrive home in North Haven until towards 7:30 pm. There was little to no treatment on the roads and highways on the whole ride home. I guess because there was very little snow in the forecast, the DOT was not informed of much of a possibility at all of really needing to treat the roads before the storm hit. I saw a plow around Waterbury when it was becoming very slippery and terrible road conditions, but unfortunately the plow was behind me and many other drivers and I were still driving into worsening road conditions. When, I drove on I-691, all hell broke loose; many accidents, vehicles sliding, driving off the road and/or getting stuck (much more numerous events, but this was starting to happen on nearly every road in the area). I had at least a couple very close-calls for an accident. It was a nightmarish scene. And to think, towns cancelled Halloween from Sandy and now this nor'easter  but Mother Nature keeps giving us tricks. The meteorology side, it has been very interesting, but it has been disasters to others. Don’t worry! WTNH ‘has your back.’ This is New England, we will get through this (I know the weather has been crazy outside of New England, too and has persisted a while, but with hope, better days are ahead). Like Mark Twain said, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” It looks like a nice warm-up and mainly sunny weather for this weekend. Let’s enjoy the weather! I will keep you all in my prayers. Take care.

This slideshow has some pictures of the wintry side of the nor'easter. (In the picture above, heavy snow was falling at WCSU in Danbury at about 1:20 pm.)



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