Snow Update from Hamden

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By Greg Horan on November 8, 2012, 5:03pm Last modified: November 8, 2012, 5:08pm

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It was a wild night last night here in Hamden, the snow kept falling with strong winds, with temperatures around 30 degrees and wind chills near 15 to 20 degrees! A real winter evening! The thing is it's still early November and fall!  By this morning the total accumulation reached 12" here at my house! Normally in November the average snow is only 2 inches for the month inland, so this was way above normal!

Last year in October I received 7 inches, which was another unusually early storm! The good thing about this year compared to last year was the snow became more powdery as the evening went along, and the trees were mostly bare which resulted in very few power outages and damage! There were slippery roads and some accidents but overall the impact was minimal!  I actually really enjoyed being home last night watching the storm. It was real thrill for me to watch the snow continue to pile up! I was up late into the night chatting with fellow WXedge writers Nick, Zack, and Scott!

This afternoon we are melting the snow quickly with temps in the 40's, and already I see some grass. By Saturday there will be very little snow left I'm sure!

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