Way Warmer Now!

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By Sam Kantrow on November 11, 2012, 9:13am Last modified: November 12, 2012, 9:35am

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I fight myself on this idea all the time!  Storms are fun, snow is cool...I like tornadoes and hurricanes, but sometimes I love the plain old boring forecast.  So when I look at the next 8 days, the forecast is about as "normal" as it gets, not that normal really exists with our weather these days.

It all starts out with a low pressure system.  Now the center of this low is about 1000 miles away from us, but the effects of the different airmasses associated with this are being felt here, as we speak. First of all, yesterday we started the day with a few showers.  These showers were associated with the warm front from this storm system.  Now the warm front has started lifting north of us, making our wind direction out of the south/southwest.  This is allowing warm air to move on up towards us.  

This warm air will allow our temps to keep rising today, and we should top out in the 60s for many places!  The coolest part about this is that we'll stay sunny and become even warmer for tomorrow as this system tracks eastward.  Now for those of you who understand the general idea of a system like this, you know that following the warm front, and the "warm sector" that we're now in, comes a cold front.

This cold front will pass over us overnight Monday into Tuesday morning, giving us some gusty winds and some rain as well. We might even see a rumble of thunder or two, but there's no severe weather associated with this storm!  Once that passes, we're going to be in the cold region as cooler air from Canada makes its way down towards us, so after this front passes on Tuesday, temps from Wednesday onward will be pretty chilly, but the good news is that high pressure builds back in, keeping us high and dry through the end of next weekend!

Have a great day, and happy Veterans Day!!

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