Before the Storm: Picking Up the Fun Way

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By Zachary Duhaime on November 14, 2012, 8:45am Last modified: November 15, 2012, 2:08pm

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As we approach the tail end of the fall cleanup season, there are a few ways to make getting rid of the leaves not only fast, but fun as well. Now because my brother and I do landscaping for a job, we are well equipped with several blowers as well as commercial mowers so each of our several cleanups can be done with ease and fast.

If you have a big yard (and acre more) it may be wise to purchase a “push blower” which can range from only a few hundred to over a thousand dollars. This type of blower cannot just blow, but also push a pile of leave several feet at a time. If you have medium size yard, (½ an acre of so), it may be a good idea to purchase either a hand blower or a backpack blower. Now for with these blowers, they can range from under a hundred dollars to over five hundred dollars! This is a huge range and it is for many reasons. A “cheap” blower is good for getting into small flowerbeds and gardens while a professional blower (the backpack blowers) are mostly used to lighten the load on your arm when blowing leaves for hours on end. And for yards that are fairly small (1/4 of an acre or less), though you may want a small blower, a rake may be the best tool to use and will save you some money as well.

The best way to blow/pick up leaves is to form a few piles and either bag the leaves or use a tarp to bring them curbside. Once this process is complete, take your lawnmower with the bagger on to pick up any leaves missed by the blower/rake. This prosses, if done with the right equipment can be quick, easy and fun. Remember, I do this for a job so while you may have a yard to clean up, I will have twenty plus, so if you can make do without spending hundreds on all of these fancy blowers and such, you should do just fine.

Lastly, take it from me. Every day that the leaves sit on the ground, the harder and harder it is to move them. And after the snowstorm last week, it has not made it easy for anyone that has to pick up leaves. So take my advice and use these next several chilly, but sunny days to finish your fall cleanups before the possible coastal storm early next week.

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