Nothing Like a Little Elevation to Complicate the Forecast

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By Jay Dobensky on November 29, 2012, 9:59am Last modified: November 29, 2012, 9:59am

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Here's one of the coolest things about living so close to the coast, yet so close to elevation at the same time in central CT. The image you see here is looking almost due south, from the area of the Federal Green in Bristol, looking towards the top of Willis Ave. The elevation change in the photo goes from appr. 300ft above sea level to plus or minus just above 1,000ft at the top. As you can see, there is no snow at the base, but at the summit of the ridge the trees were coated and there was three inches at the top. Love it!

The second photo is looking nearly due east from the area of Farminbury Golf Course in Wolcott, CT. towards West Peak in Meriden. to the extreme right of the top is Castle Craig, which actually sits slightly below 1,000ft (if you stand at the top of Castle Craig the idea was you would be at the highest point within twety-five miles of the coast along the entire eastern seaboard). The highest point of the entire ridge is 1,024ft near the radio towers. You can see the same effect here with no visible snow in the Southington valley near the Southington Country Club. I have enjoyed this picturesque treat from Mother Nature countless times in my life, yet every time it happens I'm still amazed and appreciative of our "mini-Sierra" effect here on the east coast.

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