Average Annual Snowfall for CT

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By Greg Horan on December 5, 2012, 5:10pm Last modified: September 15, 2013, 12:01pm

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Now that it's December, winter has arrived and so has the an increased chance of frequent snowfalls.  Connecticut is really a fascinating state when it comes to average annual snowfall.

Within just a few miles, the amounts can either increase or decrease greatly!

Take for instance, a town like my hometown of Hamden, the extreme Southern part of town averages 20 to 30” annually. In most of the rest of town the average is 30 to 40”, but in the highest elevations near the Bethany line the averages increases from 40 to 50”!

In looking at the above map, the highest annual snowfall is in Northwestern Connecticut in the highest elevations in the towns of Norfolk, and Colebrook, and also in Salisbury! In these locations over 80” of snow on average falls every year!  If you were drive about 15 miles east though, the total would be more like 60 inches per year! 

The northeastern Hills also receive a good amount of snow, annually just under 70”, in the highest elevations such as Union, Woodstock, Stafford, Willington, and Tolland.

The lowest annual snowfall is along the shoreline and I-95 corridor from Greenwich to Stonington, with 20 to 30” inches annually!

Of course this is just what an “average” year can bring! In 2011, the snowfall here in Hamden, at my house was just over 60” which was well above normal! It will be interesting to see how this next year will shape-up for snowfall. 


Quincy's thoughts:
Greg's totally right about the fascinating change in snowfall across the state. Although the shoreline is pretty uniform with about 20 to 30 inches per year, the gradient is variable all over the state. The Connecticut River Valley keeps amounts down across central portions of the state. Some higher elevations cause increased amounts, not only in the northwest and northeast hills, but across areas like Durham and Haddam.

Keep in mind that these are long-term averages. Some seasons are much higher, like 2010-11, while other years are considerably lower, such as last winter.

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