Forecast Slideshow: Snow To Rain On Sunday

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By Erika Martin on December 14, 2012, 9:53pm Last modified: December 15, 2012, 11:17pm

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In the near future, the first system moving in late Saturday will deliver wintry weather during this last weekend of the Fall season. Sunday starts of with snow, but we will see the changeover to rain. It looks like we could see localized heavy rain P.M. Sunday so we may get some localized flooding. Roads will be slick, perhaps icy, and definitely messy. Models were a bit more ambitious last night and painted about 4" of accumulated snowfall for the hill towns, but now Microcast indicates less than 4". I'm leaning towards closer to 4" for the hill towns, but much of that will depend on the wind direction and whether the cold air will dominate over the less dense warmer air. I also think that we could get a half inch to perhaps and inch and a quarter along the shoreline, especially SE. This has been a very tricky system. There are so many factors playing a role her including an inverted trough to the east a low to the south and a warm from from the SW. We also have a high to the north and cold air trying to get in. Be sure to come back for all of your weather updates.

Have a good night!

-Erika Martin

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