Ski season beginning across Connecticut

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By Greg Horan on December 18, 2012, 3:58pm Last modified: December 19, 2012, 3:42pm

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The ski season is slowly beginning across Connecticut. This past weekend Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall opened up. According to Trisha Morrissey, Public Relations Director, the unique microclimate between two hillsides at an elevation of 1600 feet ensures temperatures to be several degrees colder than most other places.

In fact, they started making snow about four weeks ago, and was just “stockpiling” it up to preserve the snow during the recent warmer periods this month.  Morrissey said they did not open up late this year, in fact the typical opening date has been between the first and third week of December for the last several decades. They are ready to get through the winter despite mild days, and they rely on their expansive snow making machines to keep the trails well-covered! In fact, last winter’s mild temperatures and lack of snow didn’t effect the business. They were able to stay open until mid-March, which was about a 90-day season.

Other locations such as Mt. Southington and Ski Sundown have yet to open for the season. They claim that warmer temperatures have delayed the process.  At this point, Ski Sundown might possibly open this weekend, but it’s still not official. Mount Southington is expected to open on December 26th.  Woodbury Ski Club has a small part of their hill open right now most days.


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