December 26-27, 2012 Snowstorm Info

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By Ralph Fato on December 28, 2012, 9:15am Last modified: December 28, 2012, 9:19am

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Last week I wrote about how busy December is and it looks like its not over yet as another storm coming for the 29th..

Image above is from NOAA of the storm as its off the coast of MA..

Map below is from Eastern Region Headquarters. Highest NWS report in CT was North Granby at 8.6". Generally 4-6" fell across Litchfield and Hartford Counties.

Highest General Snowfall Totals by State :

Ohio: 7-9”

Pennsylvania: 12-14”(northwestern)

Virginia: 4-5”(northwestern)

Maryland: 11-14”(western)

New Jersey: 5-7” (northwestern)

New York: 13-16” (western & central) 17.4” in Addison(southwest)

Connecticut: 5-7” (northwestern)

Rhode Island: 4.5”

Massachusetts: 11-13” (western) 7-9” (northern)

Vermont: 12-15” (central & northern) 21” in Woodford (southern)

New Hampshire: 7-9” (eastern)

Maine: 8-10” (southern)

West Virginia: 8-10” (northeast)

Indiana: 10-12” (south-central)

Michigan: 8-10” (eastern)

Illinoise: 12-15” (southeastern) 18.3” Albion

Missouri: 4-6” (southeastern)

Kentucky: 4-7” (western)

Tennessee: 4-6” (western)

Arkansas: 12-15” (northeastern)

Oklahoma: 6-8” (eastern)

Texas: 8-12” (northeastern)

Snow Totals


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