Snow Totals to Date...Surprised?

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By Ralph Fato on January 4, 2013, 2:35pm Last modified: January 7, 2013, 9:54am

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How snowy or not snowy has it been? Here’s a pie chart of the snow totals to date for these select locations. I thought it was interesting to put together, considering the fact that Connecticut has received more or the same amount as these locations which are known to be snowy.

Who would have thought coastal CT would have more snow than Denver and Chicago put together and the same as Minneapolis by January 3rd?

Well, back in November I showed how the snow totals per decade looked and that coastal areas were on a furious pace to beat other decades and even areas. Well, here we go again...this time it's just CT.

BDR normal snowfall to date is 4.3". They have 16.2!

BDL normal snowfall to date is 14.7". They have 15.8.

Could the coast be the new snow-belt region?

As far as yearly are the 63 year averages for these locations. Take note of BDR’s average and comparison to others.

Chicago: 41.5”
Bridgeport (BDR): 27.5”
Hartford (BDL): 47.8”
Minneapolis: 51.6”
Denver: 58.6”

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