A Rainy Friday Finish & Weekend Warming

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By Gil Simmons on January 11, 2013, 8:44am Last modified: January 12, 2013, 8:12am

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Ahhh yes...Red sky in the morning...sailors take warning! What a pretty sunrise earlier today. The warning is for some rain arriving later in the day and for tonight too.

My biggest forecast challenge is related to how warm it will get around here this weekend. Atmospheric parameters point to Sunday as the warmer of the two days. It really comes down to how much cloudiness hangs around. More clouds=cooler temperatures. I think the ridge overhead will allow for enough drying to make for some nice warm readings Sunday. Saturday will be a slower day to warm. 

Next week is looking less and less impressive for a snowstorm. The front settles through Mon-Tue with rain and a push of cold air drives the storm track out to sea. Stay tuned! 

I will be here Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning with your updates. You can join me on NEWS8 as well 6AM-8AM both days.

Here is my twitter account: www.twitter.com/gilsimmons

My facebook: www.facebook.com/meteorologistgilsimmons

Have a great weekend! -Gil


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