New Coast Guard Warning Device

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By WXedge Staff on January 11, 2013, 5:27pm Last modified: January 15, 2013, 5:30am

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Tina Detelj NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) -- 

Safety first for US Coast Guard crews. Even before News 8 went on board to see the LA51 in action,  that's the newest signal and warning device, we suited up for safety.

Once on board it's clear the LA51 won't be mixed up with any live rounds of ammunition.

"It's a round that's fired out of a regular 12 gauge shotgun," said Jason Albert, Operations Officer.

However, that shotgun is marked with a yellow sleeve, the shell casings are also marked as is the pocket the gunner carries them in.

And before any shots are fired, ear plugs.

The LA51 is shot about 50 yards off the offending boat's bow.

"It's a big flash and a loud pop," said Albert. "Basically like I said it's designed to get the attention of the boater."

Boaters need to know it is a federal offense to come within 500 yards of any navy vessel. They also need to stay away from other secured areas like Electric Boat, Millstone, or the Submarine base, otherwise they may be in for a non-lethal surprise.

"If you see that and you look around you're going to see a Coast Guard vessel," Albert said, "you should see within very close range a Coast Guard vessel."

And if there's any other confusion call the Coast Guard on Channel 16, which boaters should be monitoring anyway.

While News 8 was out, a submarine was coming in. You could see the tower of the sub. Another Coast Guard crew would be meeting it to escort it back to the base, and you can be sure if a boater gets too close that boater will warned.

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