Waiting On Some Warmth-Colder Next Week!

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By Gil Simmons on January 12, 2013, 9:01am Last modified: January 13, 2013, 9:22am

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Happy Weekend to you! 

A real challenging weather pattern around the state today. The temperature will vary greatly depending on your location. This will play out tomorrow too! 

Today's warmth will tease Western parts of the state and never really make it east. Danbury is the place to watch down through Stamford for the best rise on the thermometer. 

Here's a link to the thermometer at KDXR in Danbury: 


I think tomorrow will offer the best chance for some really mild temperatures for some areas. This will be very dependent on how much sun breaks through. We will also start with lots of fog early day. Temperatures at 5,000ft over CT or 850mb for the weather geeks will be up around 10c to 14c. That is a very warm signal. Past episodes like this have resulted in VERY warm December and January max temperatures. Temperatures may stay very warm right through Sunday Night.

A cold front will introduce colder air later Monday. This front looks to settle too far south for big storms here early to mid week next week. This does bear watching very closely though. Connecticut will be close to the thermal battleground ...and this is what storms like! As of today, there's nothing to really get excited about.

See you tomorrow morning!

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