Storming By Tonight-Deep Freeze Forecast

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By Gil Simmons on January 17, 2013, 9:13am Last modified: January 18, 2013, 9:24am

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Lots of weather related headlines down south this morning with many reports of snow in Mississippi and Alabama! This trough and developing area of low pressure will pass to the south and east of New England tonight and tomorrow morning. The out shield of light precipitation looks to graze Southeastern Connecticut and as far west as around East Haven.

Here's what the HiRes NAM looks like courtesy of PSU's EWALL:

A dusting to maybe one inch possible. Some models keep the whole area east and stay tuned for model trends today. This storm goes by and increases the cold air advection over our area. It will be much colder Friday.

Warming occurs throughout the atmosphere as a surface wave crosses Northern New England. 40s likely around the area this weekend. 

The cold air really blasts in here next week with 850mb temperatures dropping way down to around -20c ! This cold air should remain in place for much of next week. One feature crosses the area later Tuesday and Wednesday and deepens offshore. So I will be watching that. 

Please check your oil tank to make sure you are ready for the extended chill. Make sure outdoor faucets are drained as well.

I'm off tomorrow. See you next week on Monday! Follow my updates on and

Click my video for the updated weather outlook.

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