A Messy PM Commute Tomorrow...Near 60 Wednesday!

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By Sam Kantrow on January 27, 2013, 7:46am Last modified: January 27, 2013, 9:50pm

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What a rollercoaster ride coming up.  First off, the temps.  The numbers speak for themselves, and I think it's likely that we'll see temps darn close to 60 degrees on Wednesday.  The unfortunate thing is that we'll be trapped under overcast skies, but if we even get a bit of sun...60 in some spots will likely happen.

With that being said, we've got a lot of weather coming up over the next 40 hours or so.  Today won't be an issue...but it will be cold still.  Doubt we'll see anyone get above freezing this afternoon, so the ground will stay frozen.  Great radiational cooling light NW winds will give us another very cold night in the single digits and teens.

As the sun comes up tomorrow, we have a warm front that will try to lift over the area, and with the warm air approaching, temps will be marginal around freezing, causing a messy day tomorrow.  The models are in good agreement as to the start time of some snow tomorrow...looks to be beginning around the late morning/early afternoon.  Things change over to rain right along the immediate shoreline (sleet for a bit), but then temps continue to warm aloft which will cause some messy conditions.

The hill towns and the valleys that trap in cold air are the areas of concern for me.  With warm temperatures moving in high up in the atmosphere, precipitation will fall in the form of rain, but with sub-freezing temps, freezing rain is possible.  The worst part is the timing on this!  The messiest stuff will be moving through during the PM commute tomorrow night, so keep updated here on WXedge and at wtnh.com for updates on this.

My hopes are that enough cold air stays in place high up in the atmosphere to give us sleet, changing to rain...or the whole column warms and we just change over to rain.  As much as it is fun to have snow, the last thing I want is freezing rain anywhere in the state, especially during the PM commute.

After that, with warm air advecting in, Tuesday should start off cloudy but we will likely see some sunshine during the afternoon, before clouds and rain return.

I think Tuesday night we'll see rain as we move into the warm sector, and start seriously warm air advecting for Wednesday.  Highs could hit 60 if we see any sun, which will be tough.  If winds stay southwest, the shore will likely be quite a bit colder than inland spots, so hopefully we'll keep a WSW wind.

After that, a system passes to our south on Saturday, and we could see a bit of light snow Sunday!  Here are the temp trends coming up:



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