Cold Front Timing

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By Steve MacLaughlin on January 30, 2013, 4:29pm Last modified: January 30, 2013, 9:31pm

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As you have been reading about here at WxEdge and hearing about on News8, the big weather story tonight is a strong cold front that will come through Connecticut after midnight. The front has left a path of destruction across much of the United States as a spring-like thaw is being replaced by another winter blast.

For parts of the East Coast there is the triple threat of severe storms, flooding rain and destructive winds.

The image above is the forecast surface map for 1am Thursday morning and at this point the cold front is still back to the west...which is good news for Connecticut. Because the front is coming through late at night when daytime heating is gone, it limits the severe storm, at this time of the year, severe storms have a tough time forming in the Northeast.

While some heavy downpours are possible and localized flooding will have to monitored, the biggest problem, as Erika, Gil and Quincy have been talking about will be the doubt about that.

The high wind warning will continue overnight...the worst winds will whip up while we sleep and won't let up until after the rush hour on Thursday morning. Trees and power lines are very vulnerable with the 60mph wind gusts.

By 8am, the front should be completely east of Connecticut allowing for a return to winter.

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