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By Scott Cimini on February 1, 2013, 7:45pm Last modified: February 3, 2013, 10:02am

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January of 2013 was an above average month for temperatures.  It’s easy to forget the first 3 weeks of above average temperatures when we had that week of absolutely frigid weather.  Even with 6 straight days of below freezing temps, the average high temperature for January was 39.2° which is 4.2° over the normal high of 35° for January.

The low temperatures last month were also above normal.  The average low temp at my station in North Haven was 23.4°.  The typical average low for January is 17°.  That’s 6.4° above normal on the low temperatures!

We had several snow events in January but nothing serious.  On the 16th, North Haven picked up 3.75” of snow, which was the most that fell at one time all month.  On the 21st, I received another .5” and again on the 28th received 1.5”.  Total for the month was 5.75”.  Average snowfall for the month of January is 9.2” so we fell short of that average as well.

The stormiest day of the month occurred on the last day of the month.  We all remember the very mild temperatures followed by rain and very gusty winds.  At my station, I recorded a 31 mph wind gust in my heavily wooded location.  Just 1 mile to my Northeast, Nick had a 54 mph gust!  I had a tree break in half and fall in my yard.  It just missed hitting the deck, which would have caused lots of damage. 

Here’s some Data:

Average high: 39.2

Average low: 23.4

Mean: 31.9

Highest : 59.5 – 31st

Lowest: 4.9 – 24th


Total, including melted snow: 1.68”

Greatest: .49 - 31st


Total: 5.75”

Greatest: 3.75” - 16th

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