Mid-Point of Winter Has Arrived

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By Greg Horan on February 4, 2013, 11:45am Last modified: February 5, 2013, 5:20pm

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Today is the mid-point of winter, it's been 45 days since the winter solstice and there are 45 days until until the vernal equinox.  From this point forward there are dramatic changes in the daily amount of light. For instance, today’s sunset will be at 5:10, but by February 28 it will be 5:42.  In addition the UV index will be increasing over the next week, making it feel just a little bit warmer than it did just a week ago.

The average high temperature for Central Connecticut today is 35 degrees, but by Feb. 28 that will be 41 degrees. There have been wide variations in the past during February though.

The lowest temperature recorded was -24 in 1943 ranging to a high of 69 in 1985.

As far as snowfall, the average is 9.5” which comes out to be the snowiest month, next to January at 9.2”.  Back In February 2003, there was almost 2 feet of snow with the President’s Day Blizzard bringing about 17”.

So although the winter season is moving on, there is still plenty of time for snow and cold temperatures during this month of February.

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