WHEN TWO STORMS MERGE...Friday's Impending Snowfall

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By Erika Martin on February 5, 2013, 10:32pm Last modified: February 6, 2013, 4:36am

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OK, I played this conservatively the past few days, but I am going with a system that could make for a very nasty end to the work week. In fact, it's not that what's headed our way is a system, but rather TWO systems that are possibly merging to make one larger storm. I will not commit to actual totals yet, but I do believe this will make avid skiers happy, and it may ruin some of your plans. Keep it tuned to News 8, because we'll have all of your updates as we get new model runs!

I'd like to add that these models are constantly changing, which is why I initially stated the system appeared to be losing steam or backing off. My goal with you all is to provide information every step of the way, until we get to Friday, or any other severe weather situation. It is truly a lot of work to examine all of these models, and I want our CT viewers to be absolutely "in" on what the newest models may be indicating!

Otherwise tonight, we're seeing light snow, maxing out at about an inch to an inch and a quarter. 


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