Early Snow Forecast Amounts-Friday

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By Gil Simmons on February 6, 2013, 1:02pm Last modified: April 3, 2014, 10:09am

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Early Snow Forecast

Well Well....models are coming along with agreeing on a high impact storm locally Friday. The ECMWF has had this for days and now the GFS has shifted to a heavier solution. The NAM model was struggling to phase these two areas together. The NAM now has a large storm impacting Connecticut too! 

The trend for all models is heaviest for Eastern Connecticut-closer to the storm center. The trickiest part of this forecast hinges on how much warm air comes in through the atmosphere. This could cause sleet to mix in along the shoreline reducing amounts. This could end up colder and that would increase shoreline totals big-time! Also any variation in storm track could dramatically change these projections. There is a possibility of 30" in the hills of NE Connecticut where I have the 20"+ highlighted on the graphic.

Timing: Light snow starting 5AM-9AM and becoming heavier for the afternoon. Heaviest 4PM Friday -7AM Saturday.


1. Difficult travel Friday Afternoon & Night.

2. Wind gusts (50-60mph +) & power issues.

3. Coastal Flooding at high tide.

Please check back for updates. I will be posting on twitter www.twitter.com/gilsimmons and facebook www.facebook.com/meteorologistgilsimmons 

I will see you with a full forecast Thursday Morning 5AM-7AM on NEWS8. I expect to have a better handle on the immediate shoreline mix or no mix scenario! 



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