Why Milk and Bread?

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By Jim Bova on February 6, 2013, 8:01pm Last modified: February 8, 2013, 5:33am

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Did you ever wonder why when a storm is approaching people run to the grocery store for milk and bread? I have and decided to do a bit of internet searching to look for an answer. Looking around the net, there seems to not be any clear cut answer. It does seem though it may have come from days gone by where people had cows and flour and it may have gotten translated to milk, cow and bread, flour. Other things point to the fact that milk and bread will keep for a week if you are trapped by a storm. Milk can be put in the snow to keep it cold if it is a winter storm. Not too sure what would happen in a summer Hurricane. Sometimes other things are lumped in like batteries, eggs and bottled water, which make sense. Eggs and toast as long as there is power, bread with peanut butter if there is no power with a glass of snow cold milk. Batteries to power radios etc. And water, we all know how important that is. As I continue to read I see things like, milk and cereal, PB&J, cooking eggs on a wood burning stove with toast. All good I guess. The one that really struck me was the fact it may have just been passed down to us from our families. Our grandparents taught our parents who taught us and we probably unknowingly will have our kids running to the store for milk and bread. The only thing for sure is after work on Thursday I will be heading to the store for something and it may just include milk and bread.


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