Blizzard of 2013: Hurricane Winds

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By Quincy Vagell on February 7, 2013, 11:00pm Last modified: February 7, 2013, 11:59pm

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This storm will pack a punch, including hurricane-force winds for eastern New England.

For Connecticut, although hurricane-force winds (73 MPH) are not likely, I still expect strong gusts to 50 MPH inland and perhaps as high as 60-65 MPH across southeastern portions of the state.

Further east, the wind values will be even more impressive.
The upper right image shows the NAM computer model forecast 10-meter winds for 9 p.m. Friday. The purple shading indicates sustained winds of 55 knots, which equals 63 MPH. The GFS computer model goes as far as to say that Nantucket will see sustained winds of 60+ MPH for 9 consecutive hours. To put this into perspective, that's equivalent to a strong tropical storm . If sustained winds go that high, I'd expect wind gusts of 75-80 MPH, which is hurricane-force.
The upper left image shows all of the Warnings, Advisories, etc. that are in effect by the National Weather Service. There are plenty of Hurricane Force Wind Warnings in effect for the coastal waters around Long Island, Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts. For many areas, Blizzard Warnings are in effect. Winds "only" need to reach 35 MPH along with 1/4 mile or less visibility for three consecutive hours to reach official blizzard criteria. I'd expect many areas, including Groton, Providence, Worcester and Boston, just to name a few, to easy experience blizzard conditions Friday night into early Saturday.

What a storm, get ready!

Image above: NAM forecast 10-meter wind speeds at 9 p.m. Friday.

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