Tools to Capture a Storm

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By Jeffrey Phinney on February 8, 2013, 1:30pm Last modified: February 8, 2013, 1:40pm

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Weather cameras are a great way to capture events as they unfold. In the case of this storm (NEMO 2/8/13) having a time-lapse of the events can be a very interesting way to capture the event.  The other good thing is a weather camera does not need to be expensive . I have a simple USB camera (20 dollars) in a window looking out at the birch tree in my front yard this gives be a great view of the weather I also find have the tree in the image give a good point of reference. To get the image to the web I use a simple program called EVOCAM (30 dollars) , which I use to upload my images to weather underground. Along with hosting my weather station they store the images from my camera and allow me to see a time-lapse of the images for the day and days past a very fascinating way to look at weather.  

I have included a link to my stations weather camera: 

Along with a link to my home station:

Both a weather camera and a weather station are lot of fun to use if you are interested in weather. Happy viewing.  

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