Who Needs a Plow When You Have Neighbors

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By Brian Dooling on February 10, 2013, 7:20pm Last modified: February 10, 2013, 7:26pm

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Waking up this morning and looking out the window brought mixed feelings on the day after the 2013 blizzard that hammered south central CT. Part of me found the unplowed street a sight to take in, a beauty of freshly fallen snow that isn't usually there! Then part of me realize it's three feet of unplowed snow, which spread out on the road is literally tons of snow keeping me stuck at home! As the day progressed the mercury rose and snow began to drip as the bright blue sunny skies slowly turned driveways back to black but the road remained white. By 1pm, neighbor after neighbor passed by, some with bags, others with sleds, all heading to the grocery store half a mile away on foot! Each returning with grim news of unplowed streets and no plows in sight. As the afternoon progress, a whisper of an idea began to spread like wildfire through the neighborhood. It started on one end and quickly spread to the other end. If the plows weren't coming then why not ban together and clear the road ourselves!! After a spontaneous phone tree erupted, we were putting our boots and gloves, heading back outside. It only took one guy to walk down the middle of the street with his snow blower for the process to begin. As the snow blowers walked up and down the street, blowing the snow to the side, others used shovels to break down the snow piece by piece. Although the snow blowers were the most useful tools, the snow itself was too high for most, hence the need for shovelers to break it down first! As the chaotic scene unveiled, a strange cohesiveness connected section of neighborhood to each other, where one group finished another started. It seemed like minutes before a landscape that resembled our old road finally appeared. In less than an hour we had the road cleared enough for a car to get through and all on our own. It sure is nice to see neighbors working together and it didn't end there, after the road was clear, our group of neighbors went from one driveway apron to the next, clearing each one! As posted some photos to Twitter and Facebook, I found that we were not the only ones banning together, other neighborhoods all across the great State of Connecticut were helping each other out to clear the roads. In a way it was strange to see it happen simultaneously across the state but that's the thing about extreme events, they always bring with them a renewed faith in humanity and community!

Check out some of the photos from my neighbors banning together to clear the roads! Be sure to go to the end of the slideshow to see what a great job we did!

Above is a caravan of snow blowers going down the street! 



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