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By Nick Tomchik on February 11, 2013, 8:55am Last modified: February 11, 2013, 9:01am

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With every big mess, comes a big cleanup. There were various snowfall amounts throughout the state, but we could all agree on one thing, THERE WAS TONS OF SNOW LEFTOVER! Take my house for example; I measured a total of 30". A few other places had 30", some had less and some had more. Most had at least 2 feet. 

Regardless of the exact measurement, any amount over 2 feet, heck even anything over 1 foot could easily do damage. For one, some towns were without power for a good chunk of time, which complicates the removal process. Roads were impassible until late Saturday into Sunday. Stopping just about every type of vehicle, even snow plows had trouble in this 30" brick pile up. 

In a video titled: 30" Of Snow Will Stop Plows Too! Gil Simmons shows us a small pickup truck-plow stuck in the snow needing to be removed by a backhoe on State St. in New Haven.    

Many roads are still a mess. Main roads are narrow and side roads are somewhat still impassible. It will take a lot of time and a lot of effort to clear all the roads. Due to this very reason quite a few schools in the state have closed or are on a late opening for Monday. Some may say it's due to the incoming wintry mix. The wintry mix may be playing a small role in the decision of school but it is clear that a lot of roads are still tough to get through. Roads may continue to be in rough shape for quite a few days. City and state workers are getting run down and need to rest. 30" of snow is a lot to remove.

"Please understand that the storm we went unlike any the City has experienced since the February storm in 1978. Our crew is simply worn out and they are beginning to demonstrate the mistakes of fatigue. It will take at least two weeks combined with moderate weather to get the streets fully open." —Bristol DPW director Walter Veselka

In regards to transit, MTA released this announcement: "Today, Monday, Feb. 11, Metro-North Operates a Regular Weekday Schedule on the Hudson & Harlem Lines, and to/from Stamford to Grand Central on the New Haven Line. Limited AM Peak Service will be in effect to/from New Haven."

The return to normalcy and the complete cleaning of every road is going to take time and effort. Do not expect life to return to normal just yet. 

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