The Day Connecticut Stood Still

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By Michael Valletta on February 11, 2013, 9:43am Last modified: February 11, 2013, 9:47am

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The normally busy state of Connecticut was virtually closed for business thanks to the blizzard of 2013 that was so happily named after a fish in a Disney movie. I'm now certain that many of us will never look at Nemo as a cute innocent little fish ever again, rather, a little monster that left our state paralyzed. Who's idea was it again to tarnish the image of that fish?

As we awoke on Saturday morning, we discovered snow up to our waist lines. Wanted to go somewhere? Well, you would have to find your car first. Our cars were suddenly part of the landscape! Luckily for me, I left my car parked in my detatched garage. Unfortunately for me, I left the shovel to get to the garage inside the garage! Trotting through was no easy business, I felt like I was swimming in snow.

Noticing that our roads here in Torrington were prety well plowed, luckily, I decided to take a walk around town. No matter which way I turned I discovered a ghost town. Not a soul was on the roads heading the governors travel ban that waa in place, ans for good reason. Many roads were impossible to escape from. As I continued my  walk around town, I made my way to the bridge which overlooks Route 8 in Harwinton. It was there that I discovered for the very first time that I could remember, Connecticut stood still. The highway was snow covered not even touched by one single plow as of 10AM. 

I made my way back home shortly after that and noticed that everyone was out helping eachother out of their homes. No one seemed to hesitate about offering assistance. People everywhere were walking around with shovels, even at times helping to clear the roads. Sure, Nemo might have made us paralyzed, but we came together as a state to recover from it all, and will continue to do so in the days ahead.

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