Forecast To Come: Model Mishap!

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By Sam Kantrow on February 16, 2013, 8:18am Last modified: February 17, 2013, 7:59am

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A lot of business here in the weather center trying to figure out how much snow we're going to get coming up.  First of all, the snow earlier this morning will stick around today, with a few flurries around during the day.  The next round of snow moves through tonight, and should stick around into the morning tomorrow.  So the next question much??

Well at this point, snowfall accumulation greatly varies from one model to the next.  The higher amounts are seen with the GFS and Euro, and show upwards of 4+ inches for the Southeastern CT.  

If you go the other way, the NAM shows absolutely nothing.  Not even a flurry later today into tomorrow.  

Microcast and the RPM forecast models show nothing for Western CT, and a bit of light snow for Eastern CT, but no real accumulation expected.

So with that being said, I did come up with a rough estimate of how much snow I thought we would see.  As far as timing is concerned, I think we'll have the "heaviest" snow fall from about 1am-sunrise tomorrow, with a few flurries during the morning.  Your plans for tomorrow  will be totally fine!

CLICK HERE or on the image below for a larger snowfall accumulation map.

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