The Sun is Setting Later and Later!

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By Kevin Arnone on February 21, 2013, 10:20pm Last modified: February 22, 2013, 4:43pm

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Well it’s once again that time of the year, the last few weeks of winter are here! (Which is my favorite season of course)  Although meteorological spring begins on March 1st, the astronomical spring equinox is actually March 20 at 11:02 UTC or 7:02 AM here in our beautiful state of Connecticut. 

So I know a lot of people I have talked to are beginning to get very tired with all of the snow talk and are ready for spring to start.  They're especially ready for longer days and later sunsets.  So I figured I would venture off the snow talk and try to brighten up the day, “literally!”

If you've been noticing that it’s been getting darker later in the night relatively quickly the past few weeks, well, you’re right! This time of the year we are gaining more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds of sunlight a day.  Tomorrow’s sunrise (Feb 22) will be at 6:39 AM and sunset at 5:37 PM, which is a total of 10 H 58 M and 35 S of sunlight.  Just 3 weeks ago on February 1st sunrise was 7:05 AM and sunset was at 5:11 PM giving us a total of 10 H 6 M and 38 S.  So we've almost gained a hour of sunlight in just 3 weeks.

March 1st sunrise is at 6:28 AM and sunset is 5:45 PM, a total of 11 H 17 M and 17 S of sunlight. When we turn the clocks ahead the night of March 9th, the next day, March 10th we will quickly gain an extra hour for sunset at 6:56 PM but sunrise will be later at 7:14 AM giving us a total of 11 H 41 M and 49 S of sunlight.  This also will mark the first time the sunset will be past 6 PM since October 24, 2012. (Before Hurricane Sandy)  March 14 the sunset will break the 7 PM threshold setting at 7:00 PM on the dot! Sunrise will be at 7:07 AM giving us a total of 11 H 52 M 49 S of sunlight!! I bet you can't wait for that.

So yes it’s that time of the year when the days are getting longer and the sounds of a baseball game are on the horizon! 

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