2:00pm Update: NAM Model Goes Colder, GFS Goes South

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By Daniel Bittner on February 22, 2013, 2:10pm Last modified: February 23, 2013, 12:16am

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URG! This storm has made me almost go crazy. Why? This is because all the models are flipping around here and there. There is very little agreement between them.

Anyway here is my 12z model update.

First, the NAM model: The model has trended colder and now shows a period of heavy snow across the whole state.

Second, the GFS: This model has moved the storm considerably south. It paints just a light mix of snow and rain then the storm goes out to sea. Looking more closely, many of its ensemble members have a decent snow storm hitting all of Connecticut while others have almost no precipitation.

Third, the Euro model: This model has also trended further south and colder too.

Now what will happen? Well, it is so hard to tell, but one thing is certain, models are trending colder and a bit snowier. This storm will definitely be interesting to see what plays out.  I think the whole state will see some frozen precipitation.



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