All Eyes on Mid-Week Storm

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By Quincy Vagell on March 4, 2013, 2:20pm Last modified: March 5, 2013, 8:36am

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A significant storm is expected to develop along the mid-Atlantic coast on Wednesday. The latest trends overwhelmingly bring the storm further north, impacting much of Connecticut later in the week.

Regardless of the exact track, gusty winds and moderate coastal flooding are expected. The time-frame for this looks to be late Wednesday through much of Thursday.
As far as precipitation goes, at least some light snow (possibly mixed with rain) is likely for Wednesday and Thursday. The latest trends are being monitored to see if heavy snow makes it into Connecticut and if it could last into the day on Friday.

The GFS model has been showing a larger impact event across Connecticut than most of the other models. The odd thing was that even the GFS ensembles unanimously showed heavy amounts of precipitation reaching Connecticut. The Euro kept the storm further south and only showed a very slight northern trend last night. As of Monday afternoon, the Euro has taken a significant shift back to the north. This may be a rare case of the Euro actually "caving in" to a GFS forecast.

Below are the 12z GFS ensembles. Notice how every ensemble member shows precipitation amounts in excess of 1.00 inches (liquid equivalent) reaching Connecticut:

Stay tuned to as more data is constantly being monitored.

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