Nat'l Weather Service Storm Briefing

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By WXedge Staff on March 4, 2013, 3:19pm Last modified: March 5, 2013, 3:08pm

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Some highlights from a storm briefing by the NWS out of Upton, NY:

• Two Possible Scenarios for Wed-Thu
1. Storm Moves off Mid Atlantic Coast and
Continues Moving East Further Offshore
2. Storm Moves off Mid Atlantic Coast then
Turns Further Northeast Toward the Area

Storm Tracks
• European Model Track Further South
Indicating Local Area Under Northern
Periphery of Storm
• Global Forecast System Model Further North
Indicating Local Area in the “Thick” of the
Storm with Significant Impacts
• Low Confidence in Storm Track, Areal Coverage and Amount of Precipitation, and Precipitation Type 

Potential Impacts for a Closer Approach:
1. Scattered Power Outages from Strong Winds along Coast
2. Damaging Heavy Wet Snow
3. Minor to Moderate Inundation Caused by Coastal Flooding
4. High Surf and Beach Erosion along Atlantic Ocean Facing Shores

o Wed - Light Mixed Rain/Snow develops from southwest
to northeast as Northeast Winds increase to 15-25 mph
o Wed Night – Potential for Heavy Wet Accumulating Snow
as temperatures fall to around 32 degrees with Northeast
Winds 25-35 mph; Gusts of 50-60 mph possible
o Thu – Precipitation gradually tapers off from southwest to
northeast with temperatures above 32 degrees with
Northwest Winds 20-30 mph; Gusts to 45 mph

Click here for the complete briefing

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