Morning Observation Report from the Tower in Wolcott 03-07-13

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By Jay Dobensky on March 7, 2013, 2:00pm Last modified: March 7, 2013, 2:05pm

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I haven't posted a video update in a while, but this fun to do this morning. Leave it to me to have an audience of roosters in the background...people haven't nicknamed Wolcott "Mayberry" for nothing you know lol! I heard one of the network Meteorologists finally bust out the term "Fujiwhara" this morning, but you saw it here on this page all the way back on Monday from my page follower Max and I have to give him props on the scoop there. The computer models had a tough time figuring out exactly how the systems would merge, but they were in fair agreement generally in the low pressure merging concept we call the Fujiwhara. I know, my friend Jason Lapuc is busting a gut right now laughing at the buzzword dictionary, but it is what it is folks! :-)
You might be reading and watching this saying: "What the heck are you talking about Jay, we got a dusting and the storm looks like it's over...what are you on?" Most of the time storms do pull away and leave us in times like this, but this is one of those rare occasions where the atmosphere is playing a game of hide and seek and we're it. It's all done by the end of tomorrow, and then the next three or four days are going to be fabulous! Just be careful tonight if you need to go out, conditions will get nasty once the temps fall to and below freezing and the snow picks back up. Remember....FUJIWHARA!

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