Early Week Wintry Mix

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By James Heuschkel on March 16, 2013, 9:10am Last modified: March 17, 2013, 10:28am

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This is an image of the 00z Euro projected snowfall totals for the Monday- Wednesday storm.

The ECMWF or euro has been consistent with this storm showing a track just south of Connecticut. It continues to show a general 3" to 6" for CT and 6"+ For the NW and NE hills before going over to rain or a mix. 

The GFS is a bit warmer showing more of a 1-4" of snow then rain for Monday into Tuesday.

At this point its looking to be a Wintry mix of snow, sleet. freezing rain to all rain situation in inland CT, and a snow to mix for the Northwest hill towns. For the shore it looks more of a mix to rain. A prolonged period of icing is possible for inland areas Tuesday that could cause travel headaches. 

The latest model trends have been colder, producing more frozen precipitation. Overall i'm leaning toward the Euro with this storm because its been consistent in the last few days, while the GFS seems to be a little to warm. Stay tuned to wxedge as this track could change!


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