Can We Change the Intensity of Storms?

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By Daniel Stewart on March 17, 2013, 1:00am Last modified: March 17, 2013, 7:08pm

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By saying the world has under gone a drastic change in global heating; the temps are startling high as it is and is only expected to get warmer. It is projected by 2060 that the world wide temp average will rise 5 degrees. The result of this backlash is an increase in global destruction and disaster. Many wonder how the planet can cope with such a major change by writing this article I intend to explain the result of global disaster and possible solutions that we can do now and in the future. Now is the time to be able to start to make the small differences needed to make an impact on the planet it is time to start thinking about how to create a  safe way to totally weaken or destroy a storm.

Here are the impacts from these intense natural disasters. It is present in the glaciers of the cold North Canada were melting of glaciers and rising of ocean levels by 2.5% each year is forcing the wildlife of that area to have to adapt to the changes or die. No one can forget the Monster Cat 3 Hurricane Katrina that left a wide path of horror and over 1500 people dead in New Orleans, or Superstorm Sandy that rearranged the coastline through coastal flooding along the New Jersey and New York shorelines's leaving thousands of lives forever changed. There have been countless more disasters from Hurricanes, Tornadoes, blizzards, droughts, flooding, record heat, and record cold along with almost any type of major disaster you can think of. However the U.S isn't the only one facing this issue its a global problem. Take for example the Australia heat wave , Record snow/cold in Europe, or the Pakistan flooding. This comes to show that were all in this problem together. To dip further in depth scientist recently introduced  a study concluding that over 11,000 year period temps have been warmer now then they ever were during that period. Meaning that our time period has achieved abnormal temp rising out besting that of of regular global heating/cooling trend of the last 11,000 years. That isn't hard to see considering record heat has been recorded each year of the past decade since records have been dated over 105 years ago. So with all these startling statistics and destructive climate pattern; what can be done to stop it? Well, the brilliant idea of cutting back on carbon emissions is a step we can all take to improve the air quality and ecosystem. However, skeptics of global warming have made it so that that idea is hardly challenged and want more technological time consuming process that would disrupt or weaken a storm.

So, can we stop the intensity of storms now?    In a nutshell no, but ideas and brainstorming as well as testing is being done to combat the issue of intense storms. Suggested ideas for a hurricane have been to fly several large helicopters or jets around the circulation of the storm to disrupt the wind field and weaken the storm. Another theory was to use a large fleet of tug boats to haul sand or a liquid solution to help absorb the waves, and cause the storm to lose steam and weaken. With snowstorms an idea of heating at high altitudes has been thought off along with the idea of using a machine to dry out the moisture like a giant dehumidifier. However the economic cost and technology/manpower to do it is currently no where near the options we have now. For now we can make choices more in range of our power like finding alternative energy sources, cleaning up cites/towns, and reducing carbon which will improve air quality and help the ecosystem. These changes won't defeat powerful storms , but may help lessen their impact. There is hope that in the 21st century the technology and ability will be there to carry out the future of beating these intense storms and saving countless lives, homes, money,and wildlife. 



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